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Design for content. Content for design!

My assignments in such diverse and inter-connected fields as journalism, publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and information technology have shaped my thinking, knowledge, and expertise. I am adept at connecting the dots to find practical solutions, implementing ideal workflows, and maintaining end-to-end processes.

A skilled communicator combined with technical proficiency.


How did I help this financial company launch an initiative to reduce its dependence on print materials and go digital.


Designing content for print, web, and apps. And then connecting the mediums by optimising processes and workflows.


My strategic approach to corporate initiatives saved time and money while leveraging existing workflows and skills.

‘Write’ time at the right place!

My rollercoaster career ride began in Bombay, India. The first part of the ride took me through the world of journalism and publishing, instilling in me the finer aspects of writing, editing, proofing, production, and conducting interviews. A few years later, I embarked on the second leg of my career into advertising. Besides enjoying the duties of a copywriter and creative lead, I taught myself graphic design. 

Driving digital transformation

Two decades ago, I moved to Toronto which coincided with the third and most exciting part of my career. The learning bug made my mind its permanent home. I tackled the internet teaching myself web design and development keeping in mind the constantly changing digital trends and raising my standards intuitively. I am well versed in the latest web, interactive, marketing, and digital technologies. In my latest position at a financial company I successfully tackled the challenge of converting corporate publications to an interactive digital format saving tens of thousands of dollars and shortening project timelines to 1/10th the timeframe leveraging existing work flows, skills, and software.

From the press

Musings from every day life.

On making dosa

Dosa is another heavenly food item from India – the land of mystery and more recently, outsourcing! The humble dosa originated in Kerala (South India). Dosas are very thin and crisp and is usually the size of a plate. There are bigger chattis which can produce dosas that hang from…
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Lotteries. A worthy cause!

I feel good today. Hopefully, my contribution of $100 towards the research of a deadly disease will save someone’s life. That’s the best part. On the other side, research into my lottery buying habits has begun. If an electronic tracker got hold of my life record and played it back,…
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Women are right. Always!

There is no woman in sight. If a man stands in the middle of a forest and says something, is he still wrong? [A quote I borrowed from a speaker in who in turn took it off a T-shirt which passed him on the street.] The wife is always…
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The English countryside roads that drove me nuts!

The first time I drove a car was in India. A friend taught me the basics in his father’s 1960 Fiat that had doors opening from the front. The road had no markings. The general sense was as long as one stayed on it one was fine. In Dubai, I…
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Home is where the heart is!

I like going home. If possible once every year. My home is far away. Roughly 8,500 miles away, across the Atlantic, past the gulf countries, across the Arabian sea, in a tiny state called Kerala at the southernmost tip of India. Going home is always a memorable event. It looks…
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Is the pen mightier than the word?

When The Pen was born it was placed in an elegant coffin. As it came to its senses it found out that it was immobile, held in place around the waist by an ivory-coloured band in the middle of a ivory-coloured velvet-cushioned box. At a 45 degree angle, The Pen…
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Kissed by a dolphin

The day started early, a few sunrays before six. The sun peeped, ran an eye over Holguin beach, looked up, parted the curtains of our resort room, and summoned me to the window.
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Don’t take it personally

I was brought up with the habit of sharing. In school there were the textbooks, the bench we sat on, the pencils and erasers, teasing the teachers. At home I had to share the last piece of chicken. As kids we rarely received gifts. On the ethnic new year’s day…
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Nature’s brush strokes

The celestial dance of nature before the shimmering leaves gracefully drop down to the forest floor, be one with the earth, and sprout again with a spring in April next year.
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