Creative imagination

I read this story and it stayed in my mind. It’s also the punch line in a TED talk.

A young teacher was conducting a drawing class for six year olds. At the far end of the class a girl in pig tails sat with her arms around the paper totally engrossed. The teacher asked her what she was drawing.

The child replied, God.

How do you know what God looks like?

As soon as I finish you will know, the child replied.

What’s in an age? Does it matter if there are a million representations of god? Why am I asking this? I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I am not sure if this is because I am @ 50! In international cricket getting 50 runs is a big event. But 50 years, more or less in one piece, should be some kind of an achievement.

Lately, I have been going to the gym regularly. My favourite machine is the elliptical. I typically choose the cardio work out where I am required to enter my age along with weight, time, etc. There was a sort of happiness when I punched in 49. This was also an added incentive to go to the gym. I wanted to take advantage of the number of time I could punch in 49 as my age and I want to get maximum happiness out of it.

A few months back when 50 first loomed on the horizon (the next day after my 49th birthday) I devised a plan. I thought to myself that age is just a concept. It is said that human beings return to being a child as they get older. So shouldn’t age also regress? Is there a way to predict how long we can live; I am not talking about the palmists and astrologers (I do know a palmist who is quite good). Let’s say I live to be a 100 (I know), then should I not turn the clock back when I reach 50? After 50 I should celebrate 49th birthday. But I already did that on my way up to 50. So then, it should be minus 49!

I decided to celebrate the day before 50. My family and friends would have none of it. They plotted and schemed behind my back to take me to 50 and back. Thank You!

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