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I first heard about Thanksgiving eight years back. Of course, I was familiar with the literal word, but never gave it much thought. What I knew of Thanksgiving till then was in bits of conversation and stories. And, till recently I presumed Thanksgiving was a religious festival! The first thanksgiving I truly enjoyed was in …

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Silver Streak

Summer time. Managers at a popular car franchise wilted under the constant pressure of trying to sell their inventory and promote next year’s stock. After much deliberation they hit upon a plan to target new immigrants. They began scouring the countryside for a racecar driver model to promote their new collection. On a cloudy Monday …

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Eat my son!

The following account took place in early September. The place: New York, New York. The event: The wedding reception of a dear friend. “Eat, my son. By the time you go back to Toronto, I want you to gain two pounds.” This shocking start to conversation stemmed, unbelievably, from unconditional love. After a grueling 12 …

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Celestial Dances I – For Arun, the weekend started with Kathakali, followed by nature’s dance in tornado alley, and dancing on the streets in Little India celebrating India’s cricket win. All in one weekend. Kathakali. Arun’s first memory of this story-play from Kerala was when he was five years old. It was raining heavily that …

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This year, the concept of Vishukainettam has changed slightly. What was a token amount for Vishu given by karnavars to the younger folks is now the rolling trophy for the best Vishu sadya. The race is on for 2003. Who will win the cup? The contest begins on 15th april. Due to some complexity in …

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