Zero print: The making of an app

In 2016, the company where I am currently working launched an initiative to reduce its carbon footprint and go purely digital. The company had hundreds of marketing materials that it printed, when required; since the print run was limited and at random throughout the year, this drove up the cost per publication. Besides, content became outdated as soon it was printed.

Digital initiative

The digital publishing initiative was meant to enhance customer experience, considerably reduce development time, publish multiple formats for the mobile platform, and complement existing content and in some cases replace it.

Adobe DPS – On publishing digital content

Adobe DPS is an alternate method to publishing and communicating marketing content to mobile devices. Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) facilitates a designer to create and publish highly visual, immersive, and stylized content to help drive business and marketing strategies in less than one-third the time and cost of a traditional process. Background: Existing resources …

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