Zero print: The making of an app

In 2016, the company where I am currently working launched an initiative to reduce its carbon footprint and go purely digital. The company had hundreds of marketing materials that it printed, when required; since the print run was limited and at random throughout the year, this drove up the cost per publication. Besides, content became outdated as soon it was printed.

Digital initiative

The digital publishing initiative was meant to enhance customer experience, considerably reduce development time, publish multiple formats for the mobile platform, and complement existing content and in some cases replace it.

Adobe DPS – On publishing digital content

Adobe DPS is an alternate method to publishing and communicating marketing content to mobile devices. Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) facilitates a designer to create and publish highly visual, immersive, and stylized content to help drive business and marketing strategies in less than one-third the time and cost of a traditional process. Background: Existing resources …

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Holiday blues!

The day I was invited to four Christmas parties may go down in history as the day my weighing scale broke down and cried. That night I stood in front if OhMy!, the weighing scale in my bathroom, for a long time thinking “should I take its taunt and step up to the challenge?” Finally …

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I first heard about Thanksgiving eight years back. Of course, I was familiar with the literal word, but never gave it much thought. What I knew of Thanksgiving till then was in bits of conversation and stories. And, till recently I presumed Thanksgiving was a religious festival! The first thanksgiving I truly enjoyed was in …

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Another day in Cuba

Today’s highlight is the road train. A big toy train with three open bogies. We leave the hotel at 10 am sharp Cuban Standard Time. All modes of transport travel right through the middle of the road. The road stretched out in front of us without any markings, roughly the width of two buses. Like …

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Silver Streak

Summer time. Managers at a popular car franchise wilted under the constant pressure of trying to sell their inventory and promote next year’s stock. After much deliberation they hit upon a plan to target new immigrants. They began scouring the countryside for a racecar driver model to promote their new collection. On a cloudy Monday …

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Eat my son!

The following account took place in early September. The place: New York, New York. The event: The wedding reception of a dear friend. “Eat, my son. By the time you go back to Toronto, I want you to gain two pounds.” This shocking start to conversation stemmed, unbelievably, from unconditional love. After a grueling 12 …

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Celestial Dances I – For Arun, the weekend started with Kathakali, followed by nature’s dance in tornado alley, and dancing on the streets in Little India celebrating India’s cricket win. All in one weekend. Kathakali. Arun’s first memory of this story-play from Kerala was when he was five years old. It was raining heavily that …

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This year, the concept of Vishukainettam has changed slightly. What was a token amount for Vishu given by karnavars to the younger folks is now the rolling trophy for the best Vishu sadya. The race is on for 2003. Who will win the cup? The contest begins on 15th april. Due to some complexity in …

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Gastronomic weekend

Chitra thrives on excellent cuisine. In her quest to taste the best ethnic foods, she has dragged me across time zones, even countries. As the president of GC7 (Gastronomic Club of Seven), Chitra gets invitations from all over North America. GC7 is made up of seven members spread out in North America who regularly correspond …

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